Pauls Boots

I’m sat in Welt Cafe, Schwarzspanierstraße 15, 1090 Wien and I’m smiling, because of a man named Paul that I’ve never met, and a community of hikers that prove human beings can be, and are, wonderful people.


The story of Pauls boots speaks to an avid hiker who passed away before being able to complete one of his dreams, the Appalachian Trail.
His wife, M’Lynn took a chance on asking the community that Paul loved, to take the boots he had left behind, along the trail he didn’t have the chance to walk.

The hiking community responded incredibly, eventually creating a short from varying videos captured by the hikers that came into contact with Paul and his story.

Watch the trailer here and find the short film below. It will make your day I promise.

I’m lucky enough to live in Vancouver, Canada. A city that provides more than enough opportunity to step outside and explore the wild. It’s something that I’ve come to realize I totally take for granted now that I’m in Vienna and the opportunity is significantly less. Max your days people, max your days.

Paul you’ve put spring in my step. I took a walk along the Danube today and appreciated the time I spent exploring a little more than I would have done a few days back. I like the idea that wether you’re present or not, you have the ability to change the way people think and act, and that when humans come together, you can create something pretty special.

Good stuff.



I’ll be heading to the the Wiener Fahrradschau on October 21st. Happy Whelan.

After years of running, I ran myself into the ground and took break from the sport due to shin splints. I found myself with a four month gap in physical activity that I needed to fill. In some respects I’m glad I ended up taking a step back from what I loved, because I was able to open my arms to a new adventure. I named that adventure Oliver.


I spent every day this summer with the object shown above. I had stumbled across something new that I continue pour my heart into. Goal: Racing. Baby steps first though, I need to start working on clip pedals once I’m back on Canadian soil.

I’m writing this not to celebrate my love for the bike shown above, but rather in respect of a campaign Heineken recently launched in Austria. The climax of said campaign being the bike show on the 21st.
Ridentity invites cyclists from all over the city to an experience that celebrates Vienna, its culture and, the cycling community. What’s better than beers and bikes?

A designer called Oliver Toman (ironic) wanted to commemorate his city and passion for cycling by building a bike that captured the identity of the Viennese. After picking up on the idea, Heineken suggested that Oliver leverage the varying cultures and communities that combine to create Oliver’s home. Separated into 23 districts, Vienna houses a variety of personalities and Heineken has invited each to play a role in making and personalizing one part of a Heineken bike being produced for the Fahrradschau.

23 Districts. 23 Parts. 1 Viennese Bike.

Hopefully the video above explains a little better if I’m doing a terrible job.

Long story short, Heineken has done an excellent job of creating a digital experience that caters to variety of consumers by tapping into an important part of Viennese culture. If you adapt to something that consumers love, the consumer will come to love you too. Not only is the campaign interesting on screen, it’s even better in reality at a bike show that places an aspect of tangibility on the project.

Round of applause, Heineken.
I’ll let you know how the show goes.

Numero Uno

Here it is.

I created this blog platform four months ago. Little did I know that after flying through a four month internship and a branding mentorship program during the summer, that my first post would actually be coming from a table in my kitchen at 1150 SechshauserStraße, 31, Wien.

For those wondering, thats my Austrian address until the end of this year.

Goal: create an archive of memories, thoughts, happenings and ideas that I can look back on and smile at. Stay tuned.